10904 Bernard Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio

    Growing up on Bernard for the

      Pat/Helen McCafferty Clan


Places we knew:

         George's: ice cream 3 cents a dip, 2 for 5         

         Bertaud's: W. 105; pop and ice cream

         Wilbur Wright School: baseball                       

         W. 110th Hill:  sledding

         Bakery at 105: poppyseed and nut bread        

         Kresge: W. 110--glass of water and straw

         Almira Show: 5 cents and 2 features

         Variety and Lyric Shows: 10 cents

         Jack's Bar: meeting place W. 110      

         Library: 85th and Lorain

         Baker's Bakery: date & nut bread                     

         Sears: Saturday night shopping for dad

         Street car barns: W. 98th                   

         Bernard:  Street off 110

         St. Ignatius: Elementary School & Church

         Guardi:  shoe repair

         West Side Market

         Behind Sears: ball diamond

         Goldie's: pepsi, pretzels, juke box, Stork Grill




Our House:

         4 garages in back yard

         Garbage cans by back field in back of garage

         Dust chute in kitchen

         Coal Cellar, potato cellar

         Clothes chute off hall

         Attic bedrooms (4)

         Furnace, radiator registers

         Back yard fences 

         Front porch - up and down

         Shoes under the davenport

         Linen closet (for linens and whiskey)

         Flour bin (great for hiding Easter baskets)

         Real marble on walls of bathroom

         Leaded glass in bookcases/dining area

         Basement: skate around poles

         Pull down ironing board in kitchen   Milk chute (Fr. Bob crawled through this)

         Golden rimmed glassware in cupboard given by Aunt Clara (wedding gift)

         Assortment of vehicles: large and small trucks, Studebaker, Packard, with running boards 

         Yard flowers: peonies, tulips, 7-sisters roses, hollyhocks, morning glories, spirea, lilacs                                      


Individual events that happened:

         Frank got hit in the head with a statue of Mary

         Rose almost got decapitated when horse she was riding went into barn (she ducked!)

         Frank getting hit by a car in front of the house  (I can still hear dad going after the driver)

         Bob getting a doll for Christmas

         Joe's only reading: comic books

         Jim and Frank wrapping their guns in newspaper and going on the streetcar

         Mary and Rose working at the playgrounds

         Bob dressed as a girl for Halloween

         Tom being hauled around in the little red wagon

         John wearing braces to straighten his feet

         Tom knowing what everyone was going to get for Christmas

         Pat playing football in the West Side Senate

         Pat and John having a costume party

         Tom having a birthday party

         Bob climbing through the milk chute when no one was home and the doors were locked

         Tom coming home with a broken leg

         Jim falling out of the jeep

         The boys taking turns delivering the Plain Dealer

Some of the big events:              

         Celebrating the Indians winning the pennant; celebrating V E day

         Saturday night visits to the West Side Market

         Going into Tom McAnn's and looking at your foot through the X-ray machine

         Dad taking up collection at 5:30 mass and eating a big breakfast afterwards

         Listening to the radio: Hermit's Cave, Radio Theater, Fibber Magee and Molly, Jake and Lena, Amos and Andy, Jack Benny, First Nighter, Grand Central Station, Tom Mix, Jack Armstrong, Little Orphan Annie...

         Taking a streetcar to the art museum on Sundays

         K of C Christmas party at the Hollenden Hotel

         Summer evenings: My Father Owns a Grocery Store,  Hot beans, baseball in the street, relieval

         Meals --boys sat down first

         3 hour services on Good Friday

         Menu for Christmas/Thanksgiving:  turkey, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, dry dressing and dessert

         First Fridays-going to communion and confession

         Oldest 5 going to camp at Kelly's Island

         Boys serving weddings on Saturday mornings and getting paid to do so

         Caddying in the summertime

         Having paper drives; coming home for lunch every day; May crownings

         Throwing water on someone when it was overtime to get them up, or telling them they were wanted on the phone

         St. John Hospital calling to say to pick up son (didn't know which--was Tom)

         Sunday night supper: soup and chicken

         Fire department:

       Getting the kids out who were locked in the bathroom

       Kettle left on stove and burned

       Fire in the dust chute

         Getting smashed fingers getting balls out of sewers

         Watching fireworks at Edgewater

         Ice skating at Edgewater and also on 105th Fidelity

         Saving candy all during lent and advent

         First T.V (1948) Wow!

         Dad visiting the job every Sunday morning

         Boys going to the yard (warehouse) on Saturdays to help

         Streetcar rides at 2 cents

         Throwing pigeon eggs off the roof

         Going through the field when the cops came because someone called them

         Ringing doorbells on Valentine Day and going begging on Halloween

         Reading the Books of Knowledge

         Looking at plans for Edgewater House (Never built because of depression loss)

         Children's mass every Sunday in downstairs church


         Family Doctor--Scherz on W. 98, family Dentist--Dr. Wagner (never sent a bill)

         Hucksters--paper rag man, ice man, egg man

         Associates of Dad's--  Bricklayer Pete Dever, apprentice Marty Kelly, plumber Hugh Ginley and Eddie Collin

         Neighbors--Kohler (Bud and Spud), Yaranos (Granes), Finns, Morans, Danleys, Grossers, Kline, Corrigans, Kerrigans, Chambers, Toth, Sweeney, Guenther, Conways, Malones, Lasby's and Martinko's, ...

Christmas Time

         Tree went up on Christmas eve

         You got to open one gift before midnight mass

         Everyone got coal in his/her stockings

         Someone knocking down the tree while trying out the new bike

         Dad not home one Christmas

         Uncle Tom coming with toys on Christmas Eve: shooting crows, hockey game, peeking out from bedroom when they were setting up things

         Big breakfast after midnight mass

         Playing I Spy with the ornaments

         Putting note to Santa in Flue

         Setting up train

         Hanging up pillow cases instead of a stocking

         Hiding bikes in potato cellar

         Trying to untangle lights                   


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