Bryan Ward








In Ireland about 1858

To Mary Garvey in Cleveland, Ohio

March 5th, 1894

St. Joseph Cemetery, Lot 318

Written Records

Cleveland Directory

Bryan appears in 1882-83 as a laborer on Spruce St., later on Pearl (1884) and on Merkel Street in 1891.





Bryan Ward applied for citizenship and received it on Oct. 12, 1888.  He had arrived in the U.S. in March of 1881. He probably could not read nor write, since he signed his name with an X.


Death Records

Bryan died of pneumonia at age 36 on March 5th, 1894.   He had lived at 44 Merkel Street with his wife, Mary Garvey, and also his mother, Honora or Hanna.  He is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in a plot paid for by his wife.  Also buried here are his mother and  Mary Ellen McCafferty (who died in July of 1894).   He was buried from Immaculate Conception Church. 


Court Papers

1.        Application for Letters of Administration filed by Mary Ward, the widow, living at 44 Merkel Avenue; there is real estate involved, estimated at $700.00.  The paper was filed April 27, 1894 and Mary signed it with an “X”.  (Merkel Avenue was later changed to E. 67th N.E.)

2.        Application for Letters of Administration listing as next of kin, Mary W. Craddock, sister, living at 42 Merkel Avenue and Mary Ward, widow, living at Alger.  Added to the estate are the words “Personal estate of household goods valued at not more than $50.00” and again lists the house and lot on Merkel at $700.00  The papers also have "that a suitable person be appointed as administrator”.  The Probate Record was subscribed on May 17th, 1894, signed by Mary Ward; however, her name is crossed off and Honora Ward is added.

3.        A Probate Court note to Mary Ward on Merkel notifying her that Honora Ward has filed to be administrator of the estate.  The form was signed on May 24, 1894.

Probate File Cover for application for Appointment on May 31, 1894.  The Sheriff's fee for delivery was $1.18; however it was marked return, and also stated:  “Mary Ward not found in my county”.



“WARD – At his residence, No. 44 Merkel St., March 5, ’94, Bryan, beloved husband of Mary Ward, aged 36.  Funeral services 9 o’clock Thursday morning from the Immaculate Conception church.”


The Person

Bryan Ward was the son of Thomas and Honora Ward.  Thomas was deceased before 1882  (Bryan's mother is listed as a widow in the Cleveland Directories).  He had one sister, Mary who is mentioned as next of kin in application papers for administrator of his will.   Both his sister and he lived on Merkel Street, next door to one another and Bryan's mother apparently lived with Bryan and Mary. 

Mary  Garvey Ward married again to Patrick Loftus in 1895.


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In subsequent Probate Court Records, Bryan’s mother takes over and Mary is left out of the will!


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