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There are currently 1812 records in this database, approximately 0.6% of the burials in Calvary Cemetery, so if you don't find who you are looking for check with the cemetery.  Names in this search engine include:


All of Section 20E


Part of Section 21 (the Augustine nuns)


The eastern part of Section 22


Most of Section 73 (coming soon)

Enter a name below.  You can enter the first few letters of the last name if you are unsure of the spelling.  The database will search for married and maiden names.  When the results are listed, click on the ID number to see a picture of the headstone and any other information listed.



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Notes about this database:

This Calvary Cemetery search engine is an experiment to see if I can develop a better method to sort and present cemetery transcriptions rather than using a spreadsheet.  All information on this web site is assembled from public records, obituaries, Ohio death records, Social Security Death Index, and from reading headstone inscriptions and is provided as a courtesy through the voluntary efforts of BernieWorld Productions.  There is no connection with Calvary Cemetery as their records are not currently online.  This information is intended only as a help to family genealogists in tracing their families.  I assume no liability for any inaccuracy in this web presentation, however, corrections and contributions can be sent to me here and I will try to incorporate them.

Basically, starting in Section 20E I walked among the headstones filming with a standard Sony Hi8 VideoCam, which I then digitized and used to transcribe as well as take snapshots from the video stills (hence the poor quality of the pictures).  I followed the same method in other sections of the cemetery, typically where I had relatives buried.  I then did a quick search for additional information on these names from the following links:

bulletOhio Online Death Certificate Index
bullet Cleveland Necrology Files (Obituaries and Cemetery records)
bullet U.S. Social Security Death Index
bulletCuyahoga County Marriage License Index Ohio Deaths 1958-2002 (pay site)

This provided me with additional information such as actual birth and death dates, name of spouse, etc.  The Necrology files have numerous errors that occurred during their scanning process and should not be taken as an absolute.  If an actual date is listed for the birth or death, it typically came from the obituary, Ohio Deaths, or the SSDI.  The links to these individual sites would contain information on how to obtain the actual records; I do not have the original records.  The lot numbers are referenced only if I could clearly identify the lot number, typically from the headstone itself. 

Check back often.  I have filmed several other sections that I will start to transcribe although I need to learn how to link databases before this one gets too large to manage.  I am also working on different search criteria to locate additional records.  Stay tuned...


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