Bridget Stanton Gill









Between 1864-70 in Westport, Ireland to Michael Stanton and Bridget Gill

May 6th, 1889 to John Gill in Cleveland, Ohio

October 15th, 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio

October 17th, 1931 in Calvary Cemetery Sec. 22 Lot 890

Written Records




Census Records

1900  Bridget was born in August of 1864 and was 35 in 1900.  Born in Ireland, she came to the states in 1883.  She could read and write.

1920  Bridget was born in 1870 and was now 50.  She came to the states in 1885.

Marriage Record

Bridget married John Gill at St. Bridget Church on May 6, 1889.  Her parents Michael Stanton and Bridget Gill remained in Ireland.


“GILL, BRIDGET E. (nee Stanton) – Widow of the late John, mother of Michael J., Mary McDonald, John W., Margaret M., Thomas E., Helen R. McCafferty, Theresa Knittel, and Frank L., Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1931, at 9 a. m. at her residence, 1337 W. 64th st.  Funeral Saturday, Oct. 17, from St. Colman’s Church at 9 a. m.”


Cemetery Records

Bridget purchased a plot (for 8) on April 3, 1931, for $375.00.  Her husband is buried in the plot, as is she (she followed him in death 6 months later).  Also buried there are Frank and Ursula Gill, M. Joseph and Lil Gill and John and Mary McDonald.

The Person







Bridget's parents Michael Stanton and Bridget Gill lived in County Mayo in Westport. Some of the Gill/Stanton clan lived on the island of Inishgowla, one of about 300 islands off  Westport in Clew Bay.  Most of these islands are today uninhabited.   It is thought that Bridget and her family were from the island of Crovinish just north of Inishgowla.

She had other siblings: Mary (Babington), Martin Stanton, Margaret, and John.

Bridget was a wife, mother, housekeeper, and host to the boarders who lived with the Gills. She had 8 children: 4 girls and 4 boys.  In those times, clothes had to be scrubbed by hand.  Imagine trying to get out the rust stains from the ore!  The men working with ore were referred to as terriers.  If John was not working, he was playing cards with his cronies (some say 6 months out of the year).

She worked as a domestic.  When the woman who hired her asked for her name, she supposedly remarked that “she wouldn’t even call a dog by that name”.

It is said that the family home sometimes had as many as 6 boarders at a time.  The Gill Home (rented) was initially on Pearl Road (now called West 25th Street), a short walking distance to the lake.  Those working in the area did not have to pay a fare to get to work.  In the 1920's the family moved to West 64th Street (formerly called Glenmore).

Her daughter Helen remarked that whenever her husband John would bring home $2, $1 always went to the church.

                It is thought that Bridget's mother died around 1911 in Ireland.  The burial areas for the island people are Murrisk Abbey, Westport, or Kilmeena, Old Graveyard, Westport.  Bridget died of cancer October 14, 1931 and is buried at Calvary.  Her husband had died of a stroke several months before.



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Bridget Stanton Gill


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