John Gill









Around 1860 on Inishgowla Island, County Mayo, Ireland; mother Mary Moran, father Michael Gill

May 6th, 1889 to Bridget Stanton in Cleveland, Ohio

March 31st, 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio

April 13th, 1931 in Calvary Cemetery Section 22 Lot 890

Written Records

International Genealogical Index

John had at least five brothers born on Inishgowla, an island in Clew Bay  near Westport: William (born about 1863), Peter (born July 6th, 1864),  Michael (born May 28th, 1866), James (born January 14th, 1868), and Patrick (born September 4th, 1869).  James came to the USA and lived with John for several years on Pearl Road.  William, Peter, and Patrick are listed in the 1901 Mayo census still living on Inishgowla with their widowed mother Mary Moran, age 75.


Cleveland Directory

There were many John Gills in Cleveland at the time.  We begin to trace this one as soon as he is on Pearl Road, in 1902-03.  The family remains at          Pearl Road until nearly 1920, when they move to 64th Street.


Census Records

1900:  Was born in Ireland in May of 1860, is 40 years old, married for 11 years,  presently with 5 children, all living, having immigrated in 1883, was a day laborer and could read and write English, and rented.

1920:  is 55 years old, came to the U.S. in 1880, was naturalized in 1890, rents, and can read and write.           



Declaration of Intent on February 20, 1896, having arrived October of 1879; however he is not listed as coming into New York at this time.  Since he could not be located on any passenger lists during this time, it is possible he arrived on a different date or year.

Petition: he is listed as a subject of Ireland, born on or about June 20, 1860 and arrived in the U.S. about the 28th of October, 1879 and that on Feb. 20, 1896 he declared his intent to become a citizen.  He was a laborer at the time and lived at 97 Pearl St.  He put an X for his mark.

Declared a citizen:  March 31, 1899.  (Wives became citizens automatically with husbands).


Marriage Record

On May 6, 1889 to Bridget Stanton at St. Bridget Church.  In 1936 this church was joined with St. Anthony's and eventually torn down (area around Charity Hospital).  The pastor married them, Fr. E. McMann, and the witnesses were Patrick Stanton and Bridget Gill.  His parents were Michael Gill and Mary Moran (both stayed in Ireland).


Death Records

Died March 31, 1931.  He lived at 1337 W. 64th St. (house still there), and was buried from St. Colman Church.  He had 4 sons (Frank, Tom, John W. and Michael Joseph) and 4 daughters (Teresa Knittel, Helen McCafferty,  Margaret,  and Mary McDonald). 


“GILL, JOHN – Tuesday, March 31, 1931, beloved husband of Bridget E. Gill (nee Stanton), father of Michael J., Mrs. John McDonald, John W., Margaret M., Thomas E., Mrs. P. J. McCafferty, Mrs. J. L. Knittel, Francis L. Gill, at his residence 1337 W. 64th st.  Funeral services from St. Colman's Church Friday, April 3.”

The Person



John Gill was the son of Michael Gill and Mary Moran, from Inishgowla in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.  Being from County Mayo, it was only natural to join the Irish settlement in Cleveland.  Unskilled, a day laborer, he worked on the docks.  His home was only about a ten minute walk to work (then was called Pearl Road; today it is 25th Street).

                John, along with about 99 others (at a time) was employed to load ore into large containers.  Their clothes were stained orange from the ore. The work was backbreaking, tedious, and unhealthy.  In the early 1900's a machine was invented to do most of this work; only 2 men were needed and the rest were let go.  It was said that John worked 6 months and played cards the other 6 months.  The Gills had boarders living at the house often, possibly new arrivals from the olde sod.  They had 8 children.   The Gill Family moved to W. 64th Street in the early 1920's.

                The McCafferty clan made weekly trips to 64th street on Sunday evenings to play cards on a drop leaf table and listen to Fr. Coughlin.  They all knew it was time to leave when Eddie Cantor came on and sang "I love to spend these evenings with you."  Usually the kids fell asleep on the way home.

                He died on March 31, 1931 and was buried from St. Colman Church.  He is buried in Calvary with his wife, Bridget.   There is a simple headstone here, bearing only the word "Gill".  It's worth a trip to 64th street to see how well the area has been kept up and to see the place where the Gills lived.                                        



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John & Bridget Gill


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