Catherine Garvey McCafferty








Around November 1867 in Roslahan, Belcarra, County Mayo, Ireland

January 25th, 1893 to James McCafferty in Cleveland, Ohio

August 12th, 1920 in Lima, Ohio

Calvary Cemetery Section 9 Lot 1275

Written Records


Catherine of John Garvey and Ellen Carney was born in Ireland and baptized at the Church of St. Cronan’s in the diocese of Tuam (area of Balla, outside of Castlebar) on November 9, 1867; her godparents were Pat Higgins and Bridget Garvey.


Cleveland Directory

Catherine is not listed, possibly because she did not have a job.  Often just males are listed unless one is a widow.


Census Records

1900 Census:  Catherine is in Cleveland State Hospital.  She is listed as being born in 1874 and in 1900 was 26.  No other information is supplied.

1910 Census:  Catherine is still in Cleveland State Hospital.  The only information supplied is that she is 37.

1920 Census:  Not Listed.                  



At the time a wife automatically became a citizen when the husband did.  James McCafferty became a citizen in 1896.


Marriage Record

Catherine Garvey married James McCafferty at Immaculate Conception Church on January 25th, 1893.  The witnesses were James Moran and Delia Welch.


Birth Records (of children)

Daughter, Mary Ellen:  Mary Ellen was born on December 22, 1893 and baptized  at St.  Colman Church on December 24, 1893 having as godparents her uncle Pat Garvey and her grandmother Ellen Garvey.  Mary Ellen died on 7/13/84 from convulsions; her attending doctor was T. Burke.  She is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery with Bryan Ward.  A son, Patrick, was born on April 23rd or 24th, 1896.  The birth certificate lists him as a female and has incorrect first names for his parents.


State Hospital Records

Catherine was admitted on July 2nd, 1894 and discharged on November 14th,1894.  She was readmitted on June 11th, 1896 and remained there until 10/11/16.  Therefore she was not present when Mary Ellen died and was buried.  After Patrick was born, she was home only for about 6 weeks and was then hospitalized again.  Eventually, she was transferred to Lima State Hospital on 10/11/16, where she died on 8/12/20 and was buried there.  Her body was transferred to Calvary on 1/14/22.


Cemetery Records

Tombstone at Calvary cemetery:  on top: "Daughter, Catherine  McCafferty 1868-1920” and on the side, "Mother Ellen Garvey 1831-1920”.  It would seem that the birth year may be incorrect for both; possibly it should be after 1831 for Ellen and 1867 for Catherine.  Cemetery records have her listed as being 50 years of age.  Using the year of  baptism which is the most accurate, she was probably 53.               

The Person


Catherine Garvey McCafferty was  born in Ireland about 8 miles from Castlebar in an area known as Balla.   She immigrated to the United States about 1883-84 with her mother, sister, and brother.  She was the youngest of the four.   Her older sister, Mary, had come over a few years before.  Her father had died (of typhoid) sometime after her birth.  Judging from the records, she was about 16, a teenager, when she arrived in Cleveland.  Her mother operated a saloon on West River, where apparently the family lived for two years before moving to Pearl Road (25th St.) and then to Mulberry and to Alger Street.  James McCafferty may have been a boarder of her mother or from the neighborhood since he is listed in a house on Alger.  Apparently her mother influenced her to marry James and there was "no love lost in the marriage".  Since they were fairly close to St. Colman and St. Malachi Church it seems unusual that they  were married at Immaculate Conception.  This church is located on E. 41st and Superior and is still an active parish today.  She was probably 26 or 27 at the time of her marriage.  It is said that she wanted to marry a man named Murray, but her mother prevented her from doing so.  After their wedding, James and Catherine apparently continued to live on Alger (James moved out of the area around 1903-04).  They had two children.  Mary Ellen was born in January of 1894 but died of convulsions at 6 ½  months and was buried in the Ward plot in St. Joseph Cemetery.  Their second child was Patrick (born April 23-24, 1896,)  who, when Catherine was hospitalized, was cared for by relatives.   In the old neighborhood he was known as Packey Garvey.

                Catherine was said to be "contrary" and was hospitalized in Cleveland State Hospital in 1894 and then again in 1896.  Her death certificate lists the primary cause of death as “mitral regurgitation (heart valve failure) and myocardial insufficiency”, with the contributory cause of “insanity” (possibly post partum depression?).  When she died she was originally buried in Lima.   Her body was exhumed and brought back to Cleveland in 1922 (probably by her brother Patrick Garvey) and buried in the family plot at Calvary.  G. O'Malley was the funeral director.  A tombstone marks the burial plot with Catherine's name on top , the word “Daughter”, and the years (1868-1920) and on the side of the marker:  Mother, Ellen  Garvey  1831-1920.   


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