Anna Garvey Eland(t)








Around April 1864 in Roslahan, Belcarra, County Mayo, Ireland

October 19th, 1887 in Cleveland, Ohio to Fred Elandt

June 22nd, 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio

Calvary Cemetery

Written Records


Anna (or Anne) of John Garvey and Ellen Carney was baptized in the Diocese of Tuam in the area of Balla (outside Castlebar) on April 24th, 1864, the third of four children.  Her godparents were Thomas and Mary Garvey.


Census Records

1900:  Fred is 38; Anna 33.  He was born in February, 1862 and she in May of 1867.  They live on Alger Street and have 7 children at the time:  Ellen, Edward, Annie, Albert, Laura, Alice and Dorothy.

1910:  Anna was born in Ireland and came to the States with her mother, Ellen Garvey, and her two siblings: Catherine and Patrick, in about 1883.  She is 40 years of age in 1910, which puts her date of birth around 1870.  She had been married 22 years (1888) and had 9 children.  At the time they were living at 1369 W. 67th Street.  She is married to Fred Elandt (later the T at the end was dropped); he was born in Ohio and his parents were from Germany.  He spoke English, was a  laborer, worked in a machine shop and was 44 years of age.  Census records show that at the time they had 9 children:

·         Ella, 21, single

·         Edward, 20, single, operator in a printing office and did not work 10 weeks the previous year

·         Anna, 18, single

·         Albert, 17, single, grocery store and did not work 50 weeks previous year (must have gotten the job recently?)

·         Laura, 14, single, in school

·         Alice, 12, in school

·         Dorothy, 10, in school

·         Charles 8, in school

·         Agnes, 6, in school     



“ELAND, Anna (nee Garvey) beloved wife of the late Fred, mother of Edward J., Albert, Dorothy, Charles Hoeffler, Mrs. Richard Kilfoyle, Charles P., Mrs. Donald Feeney and the late Mrs. Walter White and Mrs. Anna Taverner and the late Alice; grandmother and great-grandmother at her residence, Detroit Avenue.  Friends may call at Daniel L. Berry Funeral Home, 7200 Detroit Avenue.  Funeral service from St. Coleman’s church, Friday June 24 at 9:30.”



Marriage Record

Anna and Fred Elandt were married on October 19, 1887.


The Person






















Anne (baptismal name) or Anna came to the states probably about 1882-83.  The following is additional information taken from the 1920 census with notes on marriages of the children:


Fred                        55            Head of house     

Anna                      50                                                           

Albert                     26            brakeman                              

Loretta                   23            became Mrs. Hoeffler

Alice                       21                                                           

Dorothy                 20            became Mrs. Kilfoyle         

Charles                   18            foreman  (married May Cronin)

Agnes                    16            stenographer at Thomas M. Robbins and Sons

                                                became Mrs. Feeney; moved to Washington D.C.

Not living at home at time of census

Anna                                      became Mrs. Travener       

Edward                                   cond.  married Grace David

Ella                                          became Mrs. White


In 1985 only one of the children (Agnes) was still living, in the Washington D. C.  area.


Fred, having been born in the states, could read, write, and speak English.  His parents were John and Dorothea Elandt.  Fred was born on February 22nd, 1860 and died on August 14th, 1922 of acute myocarditis.  He and his family lived for many years on Alger.  His death certificate lists his occupation as being a mechanic at Westinghouse.


ELAND, Fred, husband of Anna (nee Garvey), father of Edward, Mrs. E Taverner, Albert, Mrs. Charles Hoeffler, Alice, Dorothy, Charles and Agnes and the Late Mrs. W. White, at his residence, 1417 W. 85th st.  Monday, Aug. 14.  Funeral Thursday, Aug. 17, from St. Colman’s Church at 10 a. m.



¨       Baptism Record

¨       Marriage Certificate

¨       Obituaries

¨       Death Certificate (Fred)

¨       Census Records 1900, 1910


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