Patrick Garvey







Around July 1860 in Roslahan, Belcarra, County Mayo, Ireland

April 1st, 1936 in Cleveland, Ohio

April 4th, 1936 in Calvary Cemetery Section 9 Lot 1275

Written Records


Patrick Garvey son of John Garvey and Ellen Carney was baptized on July 5th, 1860 in Balla, a small town outside of Castlebar in the Diocese of Tuam.  His godparents were Richard and Bridget Garvey.

Cleveland Directory

The first entry begins in 1884 when Patrick Garvey is listed with his mother at a saloon on 401 W. River.  Almost every year after that he is living at home--as they move to 82 Pearl, 52 Mulberry Street and finally in 1889 to Alger Street (later to become 67th St).  The address changes several times on Alger; 32, 28, 30, and 68.  The street and house number in 1906-07 changed and became 1228 67th St.


Census Records: 

1900:  Patrick was born in Ireland in November, 1867 and in 1900 is listed as 32.  He was not married and immigrated in 1885 (?) ; he could neither read nor write English, was a day laborer, owned his home and did not miss any work the previous year.

1910:   Patrick was now 36(?) not married, had immigrated in 1885(?) , was a laborer on the railroad, had missed 15 weeks of work the year previously, and could not read nor write.

1920:   Patrick Garvey was now 55, had immigrated in 1888, had become naturalized, and could read but not write English.



The certificate was given on the 17th day of October in 1892.  An "Owen S. Gannon” had sworn to his having been in the country for at least 5 years and that he was a man of “good moral character”.


Cemetery Records

Pat is listed at age 75.  Pat purchased the plot (for his mother, sister Catherine, himself, and James McCafferty for $201.00).  Since he owned the graves, possibly he was the one to have his sister moved to Calvary from Lima.


“GARVEY: Patrick, beloved son of the late Ellen, brother of Mrs. A. Eland, the late Mrs. M. Loftus and Mrs. K. McCafferty, April 1, 1936,  Funeral from the residence of his nephew, P.J. McCafferty, 10904 Bernard Ave., Saturday April 4.  St. Ignatius Church at 9 a.m.  Please omit flowers.”



The Person



























Patrick Garvey was the only son of Ellen and John Garvey and the second of four children. Pat was born in Ireland but came to the states after his father's death of Typhoid "in the middle years".  He had three sisters: Anna (Elandt), Catherine (McCafferty) and Mary (Ward-Loftus).  Apparently he always lived with his mother; sometimes the records show her as owner of the house and other times Pat is listed as the owner.  He worked as a day laborer, although he is also listed as working on the railroad and in construction.  At one time he wanted to get married, but his mother would not let him.

                Patrick Garvey was the godfather of Patrick McCafferty.  After 1920 he went to live with his nephew on Bernard Avenue. He must have been a favorite person with many:  he is witness and godparent on many occasions. The year of immigration is subject to error, since the family is living in Cleveland by 1884-85.

                Great Uncle Pat had a rocking chair in the basement of the house on Bernard and spent much of his time there with James McCafferty in another chair.  He had a gray mustache and whittled.  He seldom had much to say and usually left food on his plate for the Leprechauns.  He had to be called for meals.  He often peeled the potatoes.  A vivid memory is the time a chicken was bought, whole and alive in those days.  He decapitated it and let it run all around the basement,

headless.  I wonder how many family members had chicken that night!

                If the McCafferty kids were good, Pat would let them read his National Geographic.  He was known for his tin bucket full of the good brew.

                Pat Garvey and James McCafferty occupied one of the bedrooms on Bernard and the McCafferty clan the other one (large bed, cot, and crib).  Eventually a third floor was added with 4 more bedrooms.

                When Patrick died on April 1st, 1936, he was waked at home (Bernard) and was buried from St. Ignatius Church on April 4th.  He was buried in Calvary next to his mother.  He was 75 when he died. 

                Pat signed his name with an X.  On one occasion (purchase of Calvary plot) he was able to sign it with his name.               



¨       Baptism Record

¨       Census Records: 1900, 1910, 1920

¨       Naturalization Papers

¨       Cemetery Records

¨       Obituary

¨       Death Certificate

¨       Cleveland Directories


Patrick Garvey was waked from 10904 Bernard Ave.



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