Thomas E. Gill

Josephine Clifford Gill


April 6th, 1898 in Cleveland, Ohio

John Gill and Bridget Stanton

James Frehill and Ellenona Gill

March 19th, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio

St. Mark’s Church

Holy Cross Cemetery





Funeral Mass:


in Cleveland, Ohio

John Howard and Nora Gleason


October 31st, 1962 in Cleveland, Ohio

St. Mark’s Church

Holy Cross Cemetery

St. Malachi

Joe, Mary, John, Margaret, Helen, Theresa, Frank




Margaret Beatty, Catherine (Kitty) Sullivan, Nora Murphy, Jack, Mary Hogan, Bridget Gill, Helen (Nell) Fuerst

“GILL, Thomas E., beloved husband of the late Josephine (nee Clifford), brother of Mrs. John McDonald (Mary), Mrs. Joseph Knittel (Theresa), and the late Michael Joseph, John W., Margaret M., Mrs. Patrick McCafferty (Helen) and Frank L., uncle and great-uncle.  Thursday, March 16, 1978.  Funeral Mass Monday, March 20 at St. Mark's Church (15724 Montrose Ave.) at 10 a.m. Interment Holy Cross.  Friends may call at the McGorray Funeral Home, 14133 Detroit Ave. Sunday 3-5 and 7-9 p.m.”

Obituary Notice:

“GILL, Josephine M. (nee Clifford), beloved wife of  Thomas E., sister of Margaret Beatty and Jo Howard, Wednesday Oct. 31, 1962 residence 15911 Alden Rd. Friends may call at McGorry Bros. Lakewood Home, 14137 Detroit Ave., Funeral Mass Saturday Nov. 3 St. Mark Church 13724 Montrose Ave. at 10 a.m.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery

Written Records

Marriage Records

Married September 20th, 1930 in St. Augustine Church by Father Mahan.

Witnesses were Frank Gill and Artrude (Gurtrude?) Coumoyer



The Person




Uncle Tom was the fifth child of John and Bridget Gill, born on April 6th of 1898.  He was baptized on April 10 and had as godparents James Frehill and Ellenona Gill.  He loved a good time and helped to create many of these.  He was something of the patriarch of the Gill family.  He married Josephine Clifford on September 20th, 1930 in St. Augustine Church, with Father Mahan presiding.  The witnesses were Frank Gill and Artrude Coumoyer.  Aunt Jo was a stenographer.

From what we can tell, it appears that Aunt Jo may have been adopted.  Obituary records from the Cleveland Necrology files for John and Nora Howard list 9 children, eight with the surname of Howard and including Josephine Clifford.  A separate record for Nora Clifford lists her as sister to John (of Philadelphia) and aunt of Mrs. Josephine Gill.  So the parents listed above may actually be step parents.

It seemed that Uncle Tom and Aunt Jo visited just about every week.  Although they had no children, Uncle Tom would often say that between himself and his sister, Helen, they had 10 children.  Seldom did Uncle Tom visit empty-handed.  At Christmas time it was boxes of toys and goodies.  Often it would be books; he supplied our library.  He loved to attend baseball games at the old park and wouldn't miss opening day.  Sunday nights were baseball games at Edgewater Park.

He was partial to classical music and would often bring us records.  He's the only one I know that could recite the alphabet backwards.  When he went to school he had a hard time reciting them in the right order.  Tom loved musicals and helped to put some on at St. Colman's.  He had his picture taken with George M. Cohan when he was in town for a K of C function.  He, with Josephine, would often visit Canada, and they built up a collection of figurines from there. 

Uncle Tom was a clerk at a clothing store, a salesman, and even a laborer when he worked on the Ravenna Arsenal.  He worked for Hinde and Dauch Paper Co., and also the Smith Lustig Paper Company.  At one time he was vice-president of Red Head Manufacturing Co., Inc., and also was a lawyer.  He  wore many hats.

Uncle Tom was proud of his membership and work with the K of C.  He was initiated into Council 733 in January of 1919 and was made an honorary member in April of 1963.

Uncle Tom liked a shot or two.  When he would begin to drink, he would pull his tie, which would usually wind up half way over his shoulder.  He was a bit of a "Braggadocia".  In the winter times he would often say: "snow, snow, beautiful snow...Step on a lump and away you go."  He loved to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

At one time Sr. Betty asked him to drive her back to Akron.  He did, on the berm practically the whole way back.

His sister, Helen, died in early July, 1962; Aunt Jo died on October 31, 1962 and Patrick McCafferty, Sr. died on Dec. 17, 1962.  Uncle Tom was never the same. 

Tom Gill died March 19, 1978 and is buried in Holy Cross, close to those with whom he used to play cards.



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Uncle Tom and Aunt Jo in Canada



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