Theresa Gill Knittel

Joseph J. Knittel


February 29th, 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio

John Gill and Bridget Stanton

March 6th, 1904

Thomas McIntyre and Anna Stanton

July 1987 in Grafton, Ohio

St. Colman Church


Joe, Mary, John, Margaret, Helen, Tom, Frank






Funeral Mass:



July 4th, 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio

Joseph Knittel and Emma Wirtz

August 19th, 1908 at St. Colman Church


November 1979 in Elyria, Ohio

St. Rose Church


Beatrice Bittel, Wilbert, Rose Winters, Catherine Dembowski, Dorothy Chrostowski, Barbara Weekly

Family Records


Marge  married to Richard Burrer

Tess  married to Henry Motto


Frank married to Mary Wyszynski

Jackie married to Barbara Sim


Marriage Records

Married November 17th, 1924 at St. Colman Church by Fr. Timothy Dunn.

Witnesses were Vincent Sammon and Genevieve O’Donnell

The Person


Theresa Gill was born February 29, 1904 (leap year).  She was baptized on March 6th, 1904 and had as sponsors Thomas McIntyre and Anna Stanton.  The priest presiding was Fr. J. Kelly.

Theresa and Joe were married on November 10, 1925 and the witnesses were Bernard McMahon and Margaret McIntyre.  Fr. George Burke performed the ceremony.  Joe was a machinist, a time study engineer and also worked for Bendix and Westinghouse.  They lived in Cleveland for awhile and then moved to a small farm alongside the Black River; Uncle Joe farmed when he came home from work.                Periodically, the McCaffertys would visit the farm where they would sometimes pick strawberries.  The younger Haffners remember the "creepy crawlers" hanging in the basement and Uncle Joe shooting BB guns out the kitchen window.  They also remember the cards and snake-in-a-can on the lower shelf so the kids could play with them and always being served ginger ale.  The Knittels  had a German shepherd dog.  The best kind of candy was black jellybeans (Aunt Tess).


The Knittel Connection


Theresa Gill (daughter of John and Bridget Gill) married Joseph Knittel.  The Knittel's were cousins of the McCaffertys.  Joe Knittel's parents were Joseph M. Knittel and Emma Wirtz.  Joe's siblings were Beatrice (1904) Bittel, Wilbert (1903), Rose Winters, Catherine Dembowski, Dorothy Chrostowske, and Barbara Weekley.

Joseph and Theresa (Gill) Knittel had a 15 acre farm along the Black River in Carlisle Township, Elyria, Ohio.  They liverd there from 1945 to about 1965.  They raised fruit and vegetables and sold them at a stand in front of their home.  They also raised chickens and had two beef cattle each year for their own meat and eggs.  They had an orchard with a variety of fruit trees.

Theresa canned and froze fruit and vegetables for the family to use in the winter.  She also enjoyed crocheting items for the family.  Joseph raised Beagle dogs for hunting and also to sell.  He was a Time Study Engineer at Bendix Westinghouse in Elyria.

We had many summer picnics in the back yard and swimming in the pond “down the hill”.  After 1965, they moved to a brick ranch home on Indian Hollow Road.


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